Membership Card

Our clients, become instantly the holders of a special membership card, free of charge, which offers some privileges and special discounts

This card is and it will always be FREE of Charge for all our clients who place their trust in us. It offers the following:

1) You are entitled to a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, visit at outpatient clinics of the hospitals of the Medical Group of Athens and the Interbalkan Medical Center in Thessaloniki with a small fee of only 20 euros.

2) You can have your vehicle repaired by specialized auto repair shops where you will get a courtesy car while you are having your own repaired. You will also be given a written guarantee about the repair work that has be done and we will take on the responsibility to process and settle the claim for you.

3) You get a 20% discount at the private KTEO Oinioxos and Auteco

4) You can use our Service PAY EVERYTHING HERE (you can pay all your bills at our offices from 9:00 till 21:00).

5) You can have 5%-30% discount at partner businesses and services (view list here).


Tel: 210-5756600
(12 lines)
Kountouriotou 22,
Peristeri, 12132 Athens